While social media and smartphones can offer students expanded resources and opportunities to connect, they can also be a minefield for kids in their early teens. Schools across the country deal with problems related to cyberbullying and sexting on a daily basis. One Valley school district is trying to tackle the issue with a new set of classes.
November 14, 2017
Tucson Unified School District
Tucson voters failed to pass bond and override measures in three of four districts asking for help this election.
November 08, 2017
The Maricopa County Community College District is beginning a search for college presidents at four of its schools. Officials hope to complete the process in three months.
Nov. 13, 2017
A nonprofit funded in part by the Koch brothers is financing a six-figure TV campaign that’s meant to educate Arizonans about school choice.
November 17, 2017
Year Up
It’s been almost three years since Year Up started operating in Arizona.
November 14, 2017
Negotiations for the North American Free Trade Agreement will resume on Wednesday in Mexico City, as representatives from the U.S, Canada and Mexico are racing to wrap up talks by March.
November 14, 2017
person typing on a computer
Sunbelt states like Texas and Arizona have actually experienced job growth in skilled-services industries and did not lose large numbers of good blue-collar jobs
November 13, 2017
School Bonds and Overrides
It was a good night for Maricopa County school districts with bond and override questions on the ballot. All of the funding initiatives here passed, according to initial results released by the recorder’s office.
November 08, 2017
Arizona State Board Of Education logo
The Arizona Board of Education has violated federal privacy law by releasing the names, birthday, and AzMERIT test scores of more than a thousand students.
November 06, 2017
preschool child playing
Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey said he has a plan to help students with vision and hearing disabilities get a jump start on their reading skills.
November 03, 2017
School Bonds and Overrides
As election day gets closer, many school districts have their fingers crossed that area voters will say yes to a variety of local property tax initiatives next Tuesday. Those initiatives typically take the form of a bond or an override to give schools extra funding for a variety of things.
November 03, 2017
Heritage Academy logo
A district court judge dismissed a lawsuit against Mesa-based charter school Heritage Academy, but the plaintiff’s attorney says the legal battle isn’t over yet.
November 02, 2017
Tucson Unified Schools District office in Tucson
The Tucson Unified School District must make a mid-year $4.5 million budget cut after more than 880 students projected to attend the district's schools this year decided to go elsewhere.
October 30, 2017