In Navajo, there’s no word for “entrepreneur.” A recent survey found many Navajos have negative associations with the term. The survey was done as part of an effort to try to help struggling Navajo businesses expand their reach and find new customers. A new app connects Native-owned businesses with consumers. With Yelp and Google Business, many Native American entrepreneurs face obstacles.
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DOJ Files Civil Actions Against Scottsdale Couple Over Fraudulent Robocalls
The U.S. Department of Justice on Tuesday filed civil actions against the owners of businesses allegedly responsible for making hundreds of millions of fraudulent robocalls. Two of the defendants are from Scottsdale.
3 hours ago
The Return Of Louis C.K.: Can Celebrities Come Back After Sexual Misconduct?
Does it make sense that Louis C.K. or any other admitted perpetrator of unacceptable sexual behavior or harassment is able to return in what many would consider a very quick way — only two years or so after a New York Times article that offered details on the comedian’s misdeeds? Joining The Show to talk about that is Michelle Saint, a lecturer in philosophy at Arizona State University.
7 hours ago
School Of Architecture Started By Frank Lloyd Wright To Close
The School of Architecture at Taliesin, which encompasses Wright properties in Wisconsin and Arizona, will shutter in June. The school's governing board said in a statement the “gut-wrenching decision” was made after no agreement could be made with the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation to keep operating the school.
8 hours ago
School Voucher Account Holders Accidentally Revealed
Records obtained by the Arizona Capitol Times and its sister publication the Yellow Sheet Report showed significant balances in Empowerment Scholarship Account program for dozens of parents whose children benefit from the state school voucher program.
8 hours ago
How Judeo-Christian Became A Buzzword In American Politics
There are no shortages of the use of the term "Judeo-Christian" when it comes to categorizing moral, ethical and political life in America. But what it really means and whether it’s applied in a way the term would imply is up for questioning. Has the phrase ever truly been accurate in describing a collective philosophy?
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Powerful Earthquake Strikes Caribbean, But No Reports Of Injuries Or Damage
The 7.7-magnitude temblor struck off the coasts of Jamaica, Cuba and the Cayman Islands. Social media was flooded with posts of photos and video from people documenting the event.
Public Health Efforts Step Up Around The World As Coronavirus Cases Rise
Globally, health officials are on high alert, implementing airport screenings, evacuations, border controls and other measures to contain the spread of the coronavirus outbreak.
NPR Seeks 'Clarification' From State Department About Reporter Dropped From Trip
President and CEO John Lansing is sending a letter "demanding answers." Earlier Tuesday, President Trump appeared to praise Secretary of State Mike Pompeo for yelling at another NPR reporter.
Starbucks Closes More Than 2,000 Stores In China Amid Coronavirus Outbreak
The coffee chain has temporarily closed the stores locations to limit the spread of the coronavirus that has sickened more than 4,500 people.
The Essence Of The Senate Impeachment Trial In 2 Videos
Democratic impeachment managers and President Trump's defense team have both completed their opening arguments in the Senate trial. Here's the bottom line for each side.