Mexico City’s subway is turning 50. It's one of the largest in the world — and one of the most peculiar ones. In this series, we’ll explore the Metro's secrets and the lessons it could bring to U.S. cities like Phoenix, where rail systems are small or non-existent.
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UA Approved To Open State’s 1st Public Veterinary College
The University of Arizona has received approval to establish the state’s first public College of Veterinary Medicine. The college will offer a three-year program with two years of active learning and one year of clinical rotation.
8 hours ago
Hopi Ranger Convicted Of Sexually Assaulting Woman He Arrested
A federal jury convicted a former Hopi law enforcement ranger of sexually assaulting a woman he arrested. A jury found MacKenzie Davis guilty of abusive sexual contact, violating her civil rights and destroying evidence.
8 hours ago
Marshall Islands President Speaks Out On Petersen Case
The government of the Republic of the Marshall Islands says it is pleased with the arrest of Paul Petersen and others in connection with what prosecutors have said was an illegal adoption scheme in multiple states.
9 hours ago
MAG Conducts Survey On Transportation Safety Concerns
The Maricopa Association of Governments is conducting a survey to get a sense of safety concerns across the Valley.
11 hours ago
Adel Includes Criminal Justice Reform Advocate On Transition Team
New Maricopa County Attorney Allister Adel included a reform-minded Republican lawmaker on her transition team, a sign she may be more amenable to criminal justice reform efforts than her predecessor, Bill Montgomery.
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City Council Votes To Close New York's Notorious Rikers Island Jail Complex
The city expects to reduce its jail population by more than half by 2026 and plans to relocate prisoners in four smaller jails spread across the city.
Juul Suspends Sales of Flavored Vapes And Signs Settlement To Stop Marketing To Youth
Flavored e-cigarettes have hooked millions of teens to nicotine. Now, Juul says it will suspend sales of many flavors. Some call the move too little, too late.
Even With A New Agreement, Brexit Is Not A Done Deal. Here's Why
It looks like a big breakthrough in Britain's long process to leave the European Union, but the saga doesn't end here.
Energy Secretary Rick Perry To Resign
As the country's 14th secretary of energy, Perry leads an agency he once vowed to eliminate. He has emerged as a central figure in the impeachment inquiry of Trump.
Senators Press CFPB To Dig Into Problems With Public Service Student Loan Program
The senators urged the director of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau to do more to examine problems with a troubled loan forgiveness program, citing an investigative story by NPR this week.